BBC Sport Scotland did their regular post-match articles on both Celtic and The Rangers games on Sunday after both won 2-0 in their respective ties.

We don’t usually pay attention to headlines but with the articles coming out at the same time as each other we couldn’t help but comment on the disparity between how the Celtic and Gers games were described to their social media audience.

Some will pass this off as petty or irrelevant but it speaks to a bigger picture. ‘Dominant’ Rangers win again while Celtic simply ‘beat’ Motherwell with their fine margin at the top highlighted on purpose.

Tom English wrote the Celtic post and he’s not going to give Celtic any more kudos in a headline if he doesn’t have to;  it’s all factually correct, so spot on from Tom. By the BBC’s own stats on the day, Celtic were completely dominant over Motherwell, more so than their Glasgow rivals had been against Livingston.

The narrative that has been consistent this season is – look how good The Rangers are while discounting the fact Celtic have actually improved greatly since last season. Hopefully, we can do enough after the international break to be described as dominant.