St Mary’s prepares for the Lions

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St Mary’s in The Calton is where The Celtic Football Club was founded; it always was the Club’s spiritual home and it still is to this day.

At 11:00am on Saturday 21st May, Father Tom White will be joined by Archbishop Philip Tartaglia to concelebrate a special Mass to commemorate and celebrate the fantastic achievement of the Lisbon Lions, the first Scottish, British and Northern European team to lift the big cup 50 years ago. This was achieved by a group of players from within a 30mile radius of Celtic Park.

It was done in style with around 70% possession and an astonishing 45 shots on goal, and all this despite going a goal down to the supreme exponents of catenaccio defending.  Jock Stein proved to be the master tactician out-foxing Herrera to guide his team to through to victory.

As a Club open to all, it is fitting that the Reverend Ian Miller will represent the Moderator of the Church of Scotland and representatives of other faiths will also be in attendance.

Celtic will also be very well represented with staff and players from today, and of course, there will be a number of the surviving Lisbon Lions attending as well.

The Mass is expected to be extremely busy so you are advised to arrive early to ensure you get a seat!


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