Celtic take on St Mirren this weekend in the SPFL in Paisley. The final game before the bhoys go on their way for the international break.

Like many clubs, St Mirren has cut Celtic’s away allocation this season to appease their support. Celtic usually get two stands for the game at St Mirren Park, but were only offered one.

To combat the loss of earnings, the Paisley club has opened a fund where fans can pay the price of an extra match ticket in order to curb the losses incurred by locking out Celtic fans.

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We won’t get any indication of how well St Mirren fans have subscribed to that fund this weekend, however, if it’s not backed by the home support, there could be a change of heart for the next away game.

It seems ludicrous for a business to turn down money, but football is a tribal game, and we can understand fans frustrations when Celtic come to town that it feels like more of a home game for the away side.

However, if they’re not going to fill the stadium themselves, then opening them up to paying customers who are desperate to go watch their team seems a sensible move.

The likely scenario is Celtic fans who couldn’t get a ticket to the game will turn on their TV sets on Sunday to see massive sections of the Paisley ground empty. It’s frustrating, but it’s their club and their stadium. We just have to make sure the supporters who are in the ground make enough noise to help Celtic on their way to another victory in the SPFL.


  1. When they say the national anthem will be played at Scottish football grounds this weekend, they don’t mean the Scottish one, do they!?

    The song that includes a line about “rebellious Scots to crush” cannot surely be allowed to be played on Scottish soil, no matter the occasion!

    …that would be the height of disrespect, though certain self loathing peepul obviously have no problem with it!

  2. I’m now all for the tv mob changing the times of broadcast to fk up these small minded bstrds. They throw away money for spite.
    It bugs me that we don’t boycot, that would sort a problem, let’s get organised and stay away and watch an empty stadium on TV.
    A few boycots and you will see areturn to full allocation.
    Are our supporters ( away) a bit short of vision, we could then dictate away ticket pricing


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