Sportswriter and broadcaster Graham Spiers has given his verdict on the news Steven Gerrard is in deep talks with Celtic’s Glasgow rivals.

The media man took to social media after watching Celtic hand out another hammering to the Ibrox club to express his dismay at what the Ibrox board are trying to do.

He wrote: ‘I was at Celtic Park today. This guy is ruthless and all-conquering in Scotland. Rangers plan to put an untested under 18s coach up against him next season. The sheer idiocy of it. It is staggering.’

Steven Gerrard has admitted he’s held talks with the Ibrox side with a view to becoming their manager and would be tasked with stopping ten in a row.

Rodgers and Gerrard were on the same side at Liverpool, if it hadn’t been for the midfielder’s famous slip, the Irishman may have won the EPL.

The move by The Rangers seems likes another PR stunt rather than a vialble candidate options.

As Graham puts it, it’s sheer idiocy.


  1. I hope he takes it. He will then have the displeasure of hearing the Billy Boys, the hun club anthem, and other sectarian ‘football’ songs every week.
    Poor Steve won’t know what hit him. Nobody at Liverpool got the balls to spell it our to him?

  2. The Sheer Idiocy That Is Sevco 5088.I mean ffs,A Club Gets Liquidated and Dies,End Of.But Sevco They Just Carry On As If Its the Same Club.The whole of Scottish Football have and are bearing Witness To This Absolute Joke of a Club.All we hear is there Support Dserves Better???To be honest,They Deserve Every Wrong Thing Thats Going On Over There.This is exactly what they are without the EBT tax dodging treble wage packets.Just another Mediocre Average,At Best Club that thinks its there God Given Right To Rule Scottish Football.Without there sheer Contempt for Anything and Everything outwith £broke.They are a Vile Bigotted Club with no direction anywhere,A downward Spiral to Oblivion.HfH Its beautiful to witness all this as a Tim.The way they treated Murty shows there total lack of respect or Class


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