CELTIC FANS have been turning off their Sky Sports this weekend after the most peculiar post-match analysis you’re very likely to watch.

Having aired Livingston against The Rangers where the Lothian side got a well deserved 1-0 win. Instead of focusing on the game that has just happened – Hayley McQueen, Kris Boyd and Kris Commons took part in the conjecture and idle gossip surrounding Celtic’s start to the season.

The Rangers looked dismal yesterday after being talked up again and again by these idiots before the game.

Livingston should have won by more and to add to the talking points they could have gone into depth about – the linesman was struck by a missile and had his head split open as a result.

The Sky Sports team didn’t bother with this and instead happily engaged in idle gossip.

It’s even more hilarious when Celtic actually beat Aberdeen yesterday. Absolutely staggering.

Kris Commons should know better.


  1. See what happens when you don’t have a contingency plan?

    Sevco were supposed to win, PROPELLING (good word) up the league leaving Celtic adrift mid-table.

    Naughty naughty Livingston.

  2. We all know that this company called “sky” are anti-CELTIC. They are out to put CELTIC down and the so-called “refs” are doing the same. We have to stand up and say HAIL HAIL THE CELTIC. Now we will sing the Brendan Rodgers song.

  3. We all know that this company called “sky” are anti-CELTIC. We have to stand up and say HAIL HAIL THE CELTIC. Now we will sing the Brendan Rodgers song and 10 in a row.

  4. Come on Celtic let the show show begin the signs are there that we are going hit top form soon and when we do no one going catch us,we still need a new CH and a new MF and yes a give us another CF make those three Seasoned pros and move out six or seven of the dead wood players on send them home and put them up for sale,eight is there for the taking lets take it then nine will come with couple more signings and then two new signings for Ten in a row its there for the taking let them become Legends…..

  5. Sky, BT Sport and Sky are all blatantly anti Celtic. Any reference to Celtic even in BBC London has a negative context whereas the perpetual hype of Gerrard knows no bounds.
    For me, while this onslaught gets tedious, it does provide motivational fuel for the Celtic players. We just need to see this propaganda for what it is.
    Hail Hail

  6. The Hoops don’t need any support by the daily rags nor entertaiment mediums. When the’re succesful, they will come back and say ‘If only Scotland had better team squads In its Leagues structure,’ the Celtic would ‘nt be running away with it. Like usual. They all glorified the bike tasted titles that Sevco won. By cheating their players,directors tax returns.

  7. I’d ban and support a complete boycott of sky sports, radio clyde, the daily record, sunday mail, the sun and william hill just for starters.

  8. The saddest thing for me is,Commons has joined an ever growing line of Celts to swap thier Celtic scarf for a sky/bt tie,and take the media coin,given Kris and his partner Lisa’s work behind the scenes(not sure if they still do?)makes his betrayal really dissappointing.Chris Sutton another ex player,who once had our backs but now over/slags Celtic and over hypes the rangers,a complete reversal in attitude,even allowing for our slow start.The support
    can see us starting to improve game by game,and that killer goal touch will,i’m sure kick in any time soon,Sutton must also know this and will soon be singing our praises again,but you know what he can stick it as far as i’m concerned.Big bad John Hartson is the only one fighting our corner,along with Tom Boyd on Celtic Tv.

  9. It’s a disgrace the way that sky and bt cover CELTIC stories , if every CELTIC fan in scotland got rid of their sports packages from the afore mentioned providers they would’nt be long in changing there tune COME ON CELTIC


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