CELTIC FANS never cease to amaze me.

Yes, we all call them the Green Brigade but they are just Celtic fans like you and me.

The power and positivity the fans group has shown this season has been nothing short of astounding. Their willingness to organise and carry out their plans with effectiveness has seen charities, food banks and Celtic Park itself benefit.

From the remarkable story of match the fine for Palestine, which seen an eye watering £176,076 raised to their yearly food drive to help out the less fortunate among us at Christmas – the Celtic fans have made my heart swell with pride.

In our cynical game in an even more cynical fish bowl of Glasgow, the amount of work the club and it’s fans do continues to astound me. The Green Brigade have been given a lot of stick over the years and sometimes rightly so but their overwhelming ethos has always been SUPPORTING Celtic.

As we get prepared to celebrate our clubs greatest ever achievement 50 years on, the Green Brigade asked for their fellow Celtic supporters help in organising a stadium wide TIFO and as usual the fans have responded. So much so, they’ve received more than they were looking to raise. Giving the GB the opportunity to pass on some funds to charity and there was no more fitting charity than the Alzheimer’s Scotland after hearing about Billy McNeill’s current plight at the hands of Dementia. The Celtic group donated a fitting £1,967 to the charity, a move which should be applauded.

The Celtic fans know what our club is about and as much as I enjoy seeing Moussa Dembele smash a ball into the top corner, this somehow seems secondary to the work everyone involved with the club does.

This was a club born out of famine and oppression and its roots have never been more in focus than they are today.

We look forward to a breathtaking TIFO come the end of the season but also what we as a fan base can continue today in the months and years ahead.

Hail Hail.


  1. Yes they have done well, but they have also cost the club, by letting off flares and smoke. They also need to rid them self of some of the pro IRA songs, we need to move on like most in Ireland and Northern Ireland have. Hail Hail

    • 100% tToo many times they have handed a loaded gun to people who hate us…And yes the people of Ireland have embraced peace but it’s ironic some who don’t live in the island and too young to remember that civil war romanticised an awful time which will never return,GOD Willing. ?

      • Hi yogi in Scotland people and SMSM don’t need to be handed anything at all they will always hate us and all things catholic and Irish i lost two uncles in the Rising and will never forget or stop listening to music or reading books about the troubles i moved back to Eire after 8yrs in Scotland and being told by all and sundry how much of an Irish Fenian B i was so until u walk in my shoes before the rising and after till we got freedom was an awful time living under British Tyranny

  2. Thank u its about time GB had something positive written about them i am truly a big fan of GB and if i was young enough i would be very proud to stand beside them and call myself one as i firmly believe in all that they do and stand for i have followed Celtic for 65years and proud to be associated to GB HH Bhoys keep doing what u believe in YNWA

  3. Wonderful ! however talking about “its roots have never been more in focus than they are today”- What of a contribution to the fund for St Mary’s Calton after they were broken into?

  4. Songs of freedom should remain ged.also the plc parasites have been cashing in on the green brigade for years,more than made up for any fines,check the stuff they are selling !Glasgow is green and white

  5. Green brigade is Celtics spirit & provides the famous atmosphere at Celtic park. Have lived in New Zealand most my life & come from a family of life long, die hard celtic supporters.The green brigade remind us all just what we are all about and what our fantastic club stands for. Long live the green brigade COYBIG. ???? Jimmybhoy

  6. The mighty green brigade will be slated by many but loved by many many more almost as famous as the club itself. World class players the likes of Messi say the haven’t experienced anything like it I’m proud to be associated and im 100% behind our 12 man HH

  7. HH to the GB.Lets hear it on Sunday when we face the newest Club in our League for the forth time.3 Cheers for the Bhoys of the Green Brigade.Lets give the Comedy Act a Warm Welcome to Paradise.;)

  8. Seen and read a few so called Celtic supporters critising the GB with regards to Palestinian Flags when we played that Israeli Team.Just wondering what these So Called Supporters have done for Humanity Lately.More like these Whingers should be ashamed of Calling Themselves Tims.HH to the Bhoys and Ghirls of the GREEN BRIGADE!!!


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