STEPHEN CRAIGAN made the quite incredible comment that a lot of Celtic fans want to see Brendan Rodgers leave the club in the summer after his future was discussed on BT Sports.

Chris Sutton believes it’s possible Brendan Rodgers could look elsewhere in the summer if he was promised a good go of it in the English Premier League, but then without much prompting and with no real evidence to back it up, the pundit said.

“Isn’t it funny they are going for a treble Treble, it’s never been done before and everyone wants rid of him,” he said. “I think there would be a lot of Celtic fans who would be quite happy if he left.” as cited by VideoCelts.

We’re at a loss as to who is telling Stephen Craigan this. Apart from the few nutters on social media who also claim Edouard is terrible, there is no real support for Brendan Rodgers moving on in the summer.

There are many outwith Celtic, in the Scottish game who would like to see the back of the Celtic manager as he oversees a period of absolute domestic dominance that some can’t stomach.

Rodgers is his own man and will decide himself what his next move is. The fans want to see Brendan stick around and deliver ten in a row, that’s the bottom line. Craigan is talking out of turn when he claims to speak for some Celtic supporters.


  1. Craigan is talking oot his arse,Just like every other Sevconian.They wish Brendan would leave But,Its not happening.If Brendan deliversvTen In A Row.His name will Forever be linked with Celtic and that in itself is enough.Brendans happy at Celtic.He is enjoying his Tenor.So awra Hun Clowns look and weep.Despair is on its way,And its Going to be Bliss.HH

  2. As long as St Brendan wants to stay he will be supported by the Hoops support. If Brendan leaves it wont be because he is unloved by the Hoops fans. You cant take every fans thoughts into consideration. Either the Hoops or or anyone else. But who gives a fuc& about them.

  3. Crags, you were in my opinion the dirtiest player whoever donned a Motherwell shirt. Now you think you’re a pundit. You blabber on as if you knew something. BR is a great manager, and a Celtic manager. You’re just a big mouth blabbing on with your sevco mate, the Mr dull Kevin Thomson, now there’s a dreary guy.
    Tell you what Celtic fans do want, rid of you you big mouth. You think you’ve kissed the blarney stone, naw, you’re just a big mouth, who use to play footie, and not very good at that either.

  4. It now looks like every one in Scotland apart from Celtic fans want Brendan Rodgers gone they all see TEN is coming and i am sure Brendan Rodgers wants to be the manager who wins the magic TEN in a row.would you not want that……

  5. He ment to say HUN but ONE came out
    Treble Treble and every HUN would like to see him leave
    Another bitter twisted hurting hun who wants to see the end of our dominance
    Not going to happen
    Treble Treble and 10 in a row
    Get it into your thick heads


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