STRVE CLARKE was asked if he would become the next Celtic manager this summer after the Euros and his response was telling.

There’s enough room for wiggle room if he were to be offered the job because the Scotland boss doesn’t say no but he makes it clear he’s still under contract with Scotland.

When asked the question about Celtic, Clarke told SunSport. “I’ll be going on a long holiday after the Euros.

“And I’m contracted with Scotland until 2022 when I’ll hopefully be taking us to the World Cup in Qatar.”

The Hoops are currently searching for their next permanent manager. There’s no indication which way they’re leaning but it’s an appointment the club need to get right.

Clarke could stabilise Celtic but could he help them excel?

The Scotland boss has worked wonders at Kilmarnock and Scotland in recent history but could he do the same at Celtic? He would make us more pragmatic in Europe but domestically, could he put a Celtic style team together?

Clarke didn’t give a definitive no, so he’s clearly intrigued by the role.


  1. He will continue on as a national team boss, as less stress.Any football outside the top Leagues in any country is not under constant scrutiny.By directors, fans, bog paper journalists. So he will leave and become a manager that pays and less pressure to succeed.


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