Steve McManaman was in top form last weekend on BT Sport live. This video had previously eluded us but it was so good we had to show you.

When speculating about the next Stoke manager, the BT presenter read out a comment about Brendan Rodgers potentially being the next Stoke manager.

McManaman’s response is hilarious but also spot on!

Stoke fans might not be so happy with this.


  1. Why would Brendan go to a (at best)Mediocre Club and leave a Brilliant Football Club.Who are Well n Truly on there Way to 10 In A Row.There are only a couple of Clubs down in Engurlundt that are Maybe as Big as Celtic.And the only reason is there Sky Deal.if we were on an equal footing regarding finances,We would match any So called Elite Teams.In Brendan We Trust.Everytime a Clubs looking for a Manager in the EPL,Our Hunbelievable SMSM tout our Managers name for the post.Same with our players aswell.Trying to cause unrest amongst the Bhoys.Wish the Journo,s Etc in Scotland would say the Absolute Truth regarding the SFA SPFL and the Rest of the Corruptables in the game in Scotland.But in this Masonic Land of deception and Blatant Cheating and Unquestionable Bias we the Sheeple are not allowed to speak the truth.It seems Truth is the New,Hate Crime..Mn the HooPs Onwards n Upwards..HH Glasgow is Forever GREEN n WHITE

  2. It’s not simply a case of leaving Celtic fans I go to stoke, it’s seen by some as leavingbyje SPL to go to the EPL . Celtic is a bit Ger club than most as you say but the difference between the two league is far bigger than the difference between Celtic and stoke , etc . The EPL has never had as many small clubs in it as it does now, stoke are not one of them imo , they are bigger than Watford, Huddersfield, Bournemouth etc and maybe s few more too, they are maybe a Southampton type club, and Celtic have lost top players to that club. Good luck to stoke in their search but Celtics c, in order to not grow but even to maintain standards simply need , one day to be playing in a bigger league than the SPL, otherwise we will always lose players and staff to smaller clubs who ply their trade in a bigger league .

  3. Would be Great if Celtic got into the EPL!!!!!But They will Never Allow it,Wonder Why!!!I mean last i checkd Cardiff and Swansea were in Wales…..We have an Astronomical Fan Base,We are a WorldWide Brand…The SFA are an Absolute Joke and a Disgrace.Aswell as the SPFL Every Team is meant to have an Equal Footing in any and every sport.But here in this Corrupt Country Rules Dont Apply to a Certain Institution that No Longer Exists,But They Pump Out Absurd Lies of SC and Other Nonsense.Yet Nothing Absolutely Nothing is Done To Rectify All This BS…

    • One day the epl will come crashing down to earth and they will be begging us to join them, they will have two financially doped clubs dominating while all around them other clubs will be crashing into a black hole of financial death, the epl is false and is losing its lustre, when the media cut’s back all hell will be let loose.

  4. Why would he go to Stoke? Quite simply for a challenge? With winning “trophy after trophy”, surely it goes to show how more advance Celtic are in the Scottish PL? Even with a squad of generally average players (generally!), you’re winning these trophies with ease and it just doesn’t come as a surprise anymore. Take that how you will, but I think it goes to show the true lack of competition in Scottish football.

    I mean, do you think winning trophies season-after-season is a real achievement anymore for Celtic? Seems all too easy for you. Genuinely challenge for a European trophy and then we’ll see, but Scottish football is all too easy for a team such as Celtic.

    So, I think he would consider the move purely for the fact that he’d be back in the BPL, playing against the elites, where nothing is predictable and you really have to fight to get anything out of a game – whether that’s against a top 4 side, or a bottom 3 side. The premier league is more exciting, thrilling and unpredictable.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Celtic could hold their own in the Premier League, I’m not saying they wouldn’t have enough quality to remain in the league, maybe even push for a top half finish after settling in. But the fact is they are not in the BPL, they are winning all too easy in Scotland, and maybe that can eventually get a bit boring, and Rogers may tire from it one day?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rogers back in the Premier League in the next couple of years, not necessarily at Stoke, just somewhere in the league, don’t know about all of you.. Interested to hear what Celtic fans think?

    • Yes, one day he will move on from Celtic , that day is a while off yet I think. As I said previously there is no exciting future for Celtic in the SPL, the club has long since outgrown it, it is holding us back and will in time drag us down a peg or two . We need a way out . I don’t think BR would entertain Stoke at this stage tbh. PS the poster who said the EPL will come crashing down, there is no evidence to suggest that, in fact it’s likely to get even bigger. Celtic are struggling, like many great clubs, Ajax, anderlecht, benfica etc to stay in touch with the big leagues. We need change asap

  5. The SPFL is and always will be Celtics Achilles Heel.This joke league with its Diddy Men running it,Its all about keeping the money rolling in.Nothing to do with Spirting Integrity.When A Certain Club Kicked the bucket,Fair Play etc Was then found out to be Non Existant.And the Cheats Con Men Crooks etc Just Carry On as if Nothing Ever Happened…..Only in Scotland !!!!!!!!


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