STEVEN GERRARD has had his watershed Pedro Caixinha moment in full today as what was left of his fried brain tried to make sense of what had just happened.

His side packed with thugs lost the rag on a day when they had to keep a lid on things to have any chance of beating Celtic and closing the enormous gap.

However, while Gerrard had no defence for Morelos who elbowed Scott Brown he seemingly condones Ryan Kent and Andy Halliday trying to assault the Celtic captain during and after the game.

The really could not take it, and when the second goal went in, all hell broke loose as they kicked and punched their way through the team.

Let it be known Conor Goldson also hit out at Mikael Lustig just moments after the second goal too.

But that was not on Stevie’s agenda who cried his players were ‘provoked’ by Scott Brown with all that laughing and smiling he was doing.

“You’re playing against a player who loves to antagonise. Morelos and Kent are both provoked” He told RecordSport.

“Celtic fans have the right to celebrate but to do it right in your race, Halliday has the right to protect his own people. I’d probably have done the same.”

“The guy who antagonised it all from the beginning deserves to be punished as well. When you’re provoked, it’s only fair that both sides get punished in my view.”




  1. Thugs every one of them. Their eejit manager crying about Celtic players provoking his no stars. Bolls in the net, how’s that for provocation? The more you hew boy gerrard, the more you see the infantile approach he and the klan have to getting beat.
    Next time, bring more hankies you weeping wean. Now away and coach the 18s at Liverpool. You’re out of your depth. Muppet!


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