Steven Gerrard has said he wants to chase Celtic all the way by getting the season restarted but he does respect Celtic have an almighty thirteen point gap.

Gerrard’s gripe with the Scottish game is he believes too many moved too quickly to call the season. It’s a misguided or misleading notion at best. The proposal was to end the lower leagues and pay out cash to clubs in desperate need of the league payout.

The SPFL has been opened to a return all along but there’s certainly pragmatism on display that it has always looked unlikely.

Speaking today Gerrard wants to push Celtic all the way but admits it looks unlikely.

“For me, our view hasn’t changed on it at Rangers. We want to get back playing and finish the season off when it’s physically safe to do that, because we all respect the situation that we’re in.” Gerrard told RecordSport.

“There seems to be a huge difference in attitudes. The Premier League have come out and said: ‘We’ll do everything we can to finish it off.’

“I think all the clubs and the managers, initially, were on the same page. It’s very important that you finish competitions off.

“Across Scotland, from top to bottom, there was so much football to be played.

“Of course, I’m always going to be biased because I’m Rangers manager and there’s a 13 point gap that I respect.

“But I want to continue to put as much pressure on until the end.”

The comparison with the EPL is comparing apples to oranges as far as were concerned. The financial implications north of the border could lead to clubs extinction much quicker than down south. This is why Scottish football is looking for a government bail out of sorts and why without pulling together, a lot of our clubs could become insolvent.

There’s much more in-play than a title.


  1. He got to except season has gone and he better ready himself for the next season that we can play football again as we will be going for 10 in a row, and he could go down in history as one of there mangers that never won anything over 3 seasons…..

  2. Apparently the truth is that clubs up here are more likely to survive than those down south (EPL at least) because they’re so reliant on TV money. If there’s no football being played then SKY aren’t going to shell out billions to clubs and this is why they are so desperate to get closed door games on the go down there.
    I had thought that this would kill off a large number of our unnecessary diddy teams, but it seems I was wrong. Bugger.

  3. Unbelievable statement, considering 30,000 people have lost their lives with Corona Virus, the season should have been halted sooner, since crowded stadiums just a week before this pandemic took off, didn’t help the death toll.I personally think, that season cannot,and will not finish, and that Celtic should be crowned worthy champions now.
    Finally, I see Mr Gerard, makes the case that our clubs are in worse position than these South of the border,which I don’t think is the case,since their game is run on incredible financial support of televison channels, and players earning “well above avarage” wages!!, inflated transfer fees etc., that has shown that a lot of the English clubs are not going to make it through this.


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