STEVEN GERRARD could go into politics once his inevitable departure from the Ibrox club comes in the near future.

The Gers boss was put under the spotlight yesterday about the guard of honour situation with the newly crowned champions coming to town. Over the years, the clubs of the SPFL have shown great respect and sportsmanship by giving Celtic a guard of honour for being the best team in the country. There will be no such sporting display at Ibrox on Sunday with the club making it clear they will NOT clap Celtic players onto the pitch. Pretty poor.

Asked about his thoughts on it, Gerrard refused to give a definitive answer but was happy to throw the board under the bus. It’s not what he does say but more what he doesn’t.

If he agreed with the board’s decision he would have shouted it from the rooftops – instead he swerved the question to avoid confrontation with his paymasters but it’s pretty clear which way he’s swaying.

“To be honest with you my thoughts on it are not important on that subject,” Gerrard told SunSport.

“The club have made a decision on that and decided there won’t be a guard of honour, so my thoughts are irrelevant. I will follow what I’m told to do by the people in charge of the club.”

Steven used to be a man of integrity but clearly has to bend his morals somewhat to be the Ibrox manager. The Scouse once gave Chelsea a guard of honour when he was the captain of Liverpool knowing it was the right thing to do.


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