One more bad result for the mob from Ibrox could see wheels coming off the caravans while the barking dogs howl “we are the people”. That doesn’t make much sense and either did brother Pedro when the guillotine was ready and primed for the chop.

The pressure must be getting to the five year Pedro replacement, the Liverpool man tried to act all philosophical today while raw sewage spilt all down his brand new Hummel top in his pre-match presser.

So, fans have no effect on a game of football? It’s only 11 v 11 that counts? Utter nonsense from a player who singled out Liverpool fans on so many occasions to give credit for driving players on.

Or what about that time he commented on the noise of the Celtic support forcing you to blackout for the first few minutes?

His own chairman has only gone and increased the noise at Celtic Park on Sunday by making sure only a handful of unheard and invisible Gers fans will be at the game.


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