STEVEN GERRARD says he wants to emulate Celtic in order to make progress in Europe.

However, the Ibrox manager couldn’t resist a subtle dig at the club while saying it.

Celtic went through to the knockout rounds of the Europa League with 9 points in a very hard group while The Rangers only managed 5 in a much easier situation.

But according to the Ibrox manager, Celtic ‘scraped’ by into the last 32.

Speaking about his side’s demise he pointed to Celtic scraping by as somehow an excuse for his club’s own failings.

“Celtic for example, they scraped through last night,” Gerrard said to HITC “They’ve done really well to get through. But they’ve been together for two, two and a half years as a group.

“They’ve had setbacks in Europe, and they’ve learnt from them and moved on. That’s what happens in football, we aim to do the same – use the setback to grow.”

There have been many Celtic detractors claiming the Bhoys were lucky to get through. On the night, there was an element of luck but overall in the group, there was nothing lucky about it. Getting 9 points in a very hard group to go through is not scraping by.

Any team who achieved 9 points in the Europa League this season went through, and one club only went through with 8 points.

Scraping through on 9 points, aye?


  1. Mr Gerrard clearly does not understand how a league format works.

    Progression is determined by what your team achieves in all of the games with your opponents winning and losing points against one another.

    The table does not lie.


  2. Exactly so Ninjames.

    Celtic won 3 games, gaining nine points, which was 2 points better of than the third team in the group, who only won 2 games and drew one. This is not scraping through and this was also done with notable injuries and setbacks affecting the squad.

  3. Gerrard is a whinger and poor loser, Celtic are through on merit with 9 points and a few top teams in the champions league got 8 or 9 points and went through to next round.

  4. It won’t be long to king kicks his wee scabby arse back tae Liverpool and the only scraping he will be doing will be the bottom off his mum’s big Scouse pot.

  5. S Gerrard wants more players in there 30s this rings a bell that same old road they are going down paying to buck for old men,bring it on Gerrard we will be ready and willing on the 29 dec lets do this celtic…

  6. Think I’ve agreed with all my Hoops supporting chums, if the last 2 games were reversed, and we won the last one, then none of these petty comments would be getting aired. It’s a complete lack of perspective from people who should know better.
    It’s all GREEN eyed envy anyway eh!!! HH and we might be in Europe longer than the UK government LOL 😂💚

  7. Both Milan and Standard Liege finished 3rd in their respective groups and crashed out after accumulating 10 points. Over in the Champions League, Napoli finished with 9 points and failed to make it out of their group as well, dropping down to the Europa League KO rounds.

    Celtic still deserved to go through and there was no luck involved. They had to earn all 9 points against top quality opposition, and a loss on the last match day doesn’t change that. That they were in 2nd place in their group going into that match meant Leipzig, not Celtic, had to win to achieve qualification to the KO round. That some are somehow equating Leipzig failing to win either at Celtic Park or at home against Rosenborg as a case that Celtic is somehow ‘lucky’ are deluded. Celtic took care of business and won 3 or more games in the group – one of only 2 teams to do so.


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