Celtic fans are used to this by now.

If any half decent job comes up in England, our manager is immediately linked with it.

I have lost count of how many times Brendan Rodgers has had to reiterate his commitment to the club.

The English media can’t fathom someone not wanting to head back to the land of milk and honey when they’re ‘slumming it’ up in Scottish football and well, the Scottish media are only too happy to pedal the notion Rodgers would think about the jump.

Villa are looking for something new and fresh, the likes of Henry and Terry have been linked so why haven’t the Scottish press linked Steven Gerrard with the job?

After all, the Ibrox club has a manager who has come in and ‘changed the game’ up here. Helping Gers into Europe for the first time is a major feather in his cap. Why wouldn’t he be considered?

It’s almost as if some are so hell-bent on pushing a narrative of Celtic dressing room disarray they’re trying to throw more grenades into the mix regardless of the truth behind them.

In reality, Steven Gerrard and Brendan Rodgers have the same chance of being named Aston Villa boss as one another so why not throw his name into the mix.

No disrespect to Villa but when the Celtic manager is linked with an Arsenal or Chelsea – you laugh the interest off, it’s flattering to see your manager linked with the ‘more successful’ clubs down south, but when it’s Villa and Villa in the Championship, it’s downright mischief-making.

Rodgers denied the speculation and stated he had not been asked about the job. He praised Villa as a great club with history but didn’t do anything else other than reiterate his commitment to Celtic.

With today’s Scottish press saying Villa are set to make an approach for the Celtic man. The English media have moved on and have stated Thierry Henry has verbally agreed to take over the club. Not the narrative many were hoping for but just another in a long list of false speculation.

Rodgers looks to be coming out the other end of his first real Celtic challenge. Navigating the side back to a level of performance of what fans are used to. There’s big game after big game ahead with both Edinburgh clubs coming up for the bhoys after the international break and this season’s first cup will be contested in November.

So much more to do,


  1. Why , when people get so upset at someone disrespecting our club do they feel the need to write a article in which the writer then goes on to disrespect another club? Regardless of the championship Villa are big big club . Far bigger than most in the EPL, and BR getting a job at Arsenal or Chelsea is fanciful stuff now. Unless he can work wonders with us in europe if he goes back to England it will eventually be to a club of villas stature , albeit most likely in the EPL. If he is willing to manage in the SPL , then why not in the EFL? No harm defending Celtics standing, but a bit of humility goes a long way, especially when criticizing others for lacking the same


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