Steven Gerrard managed to win a title for his former club with no fans allowed in the stadium. He failed in several attempts to do so in a normal footballing landscape.

This season, he decided to up sticks and leave for the Premier League. The manager not sticking around to duke it out with Ange Postecoglou and we might have got a little glimpse into why.

The Aston Villa boss was asked about the upcoming derby, and confirmed he would be watching it.

The Liverpool legend said the game is a 50/50 toss up and either team could come away with the win. Surprising seeing as he knows it’s at Ibrox.

However, the former Ibrox boss also alluded to the fact Celtic are a different team this season and let it be known he thinks the Hoops have been coached ‘extremely’ well.

As cited by the Scotsman, Gerrard said: “I’ll watch it. Villa is my priority but it’s a mouth-watering game.

“Obviously Celtic got the better of Rangers recently in the last one but I think it’s a 50/50 game, two really good teams.

“Rangers are in a good place having qualified for the Europa League quarter-finals and knocked out Borussia Dortmund and Red Star.

“Celtic have obviously been very consistent for some time now and are coached extremely well.

Gerrard is bang on the money. I’m surprised he even gave the Hoops and Ange praise. Celtic are a different animal under Ange Postecoglou. Neil Lennon’s side were predictable and weren’t at all well drilled when it came to tactics and game plans.

Ange delivers clear messages to his team and makes sure every single one of them knows what’s being asked of them.

Celtic blew Gerrard’s former side away back in February. A win on Sunday would put Celtic in an incredible position going into the final stretch of games.

It’s nearly time for the talking to end and the football to start. It’s going to be a big one.


  1. “Celitc are extremely well coached, so I knew that was it for me in Glasgow!”

    Mr. Gerrard, who walked away.


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