STEWART REGAN has walked away as Chief Executive of the SFA after eight hapless years in charge of the troubled organisation.

With confidence in the SFA at an all time low it was only right the man charged with promoting the Scottish game be the one to go. He leaves Scotland without a home, manager and no youth system in place.

He has never been a popular figure among the Celtic support for a multitude of reasons and most fans are welcoming this afternoon’s news.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

Here is part of the SFA’s statement.

The Scottish FA today announced that Chief Executive, Stewart Regan, has taken the decision to step down from his position at the association.

His resignation comes almost eight years after he took up the position. During the intervening period he has made a range of changes, including streamlining the Scottish FA committee system, introducing a more transparent and independent disciplinary process, creating a pyramid system, and delivering a new performance strategy.



  1. We dont want nor need these Brethren Parasites sucking the life out of Our game.Blatant Corrupt Cheats Liars the lot of them.Dave King just shows up unannounced and was having a Cozy In,With his Side Piece Regan.But we are spose to swallow There was no cheating etc.Fck the SFA and fck Scotland National Team.Anyone who pulls on a Scotland jersey is as corrupt as the Cnts at Hunden,SIMPLES!!!!Why are we all allowing this BS to carry on……..

  2. And he is allowed to walk away, no doubt with a huge payment and a tidy pension plan, from the disaster he has left in place. Will he be ever be held accountable for the Sevco continuity shambles that he played a huge part in perpetuating?

  3. I’ve a feeling ex rangers season ticket holder Leeanne Dempster will get the gig keeping the whole corrupt set up going


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