Scott Brown was incredibly successful at Celtic. The Captain attained legend status for his part in an incredible nine in a row run that also had four consecutive trebles baked into it.

Broony was a warrior on the field, taking no prisoners. He never shirked from a battle and when he knew he could wind someone up, even better.

Away from the football pitch, Scott is as likeable as they come. He has time for supporters of any club and his demeanour couldn’t be any more different from what you seen on the park.

Being such a successful Celtic captain, Scott was the target of some heinous and disturbing abuse by our rivals. Famously caught on video, a Rangers fan asked Scott how his sister was, knowing full well Scott lost his sister to cancer.

A Rangers fan breached the pitch at Ibrox on another occasion to try and attack Scott.

Now, away from the madness of Scotland and Scottish football, you think he’d get some respite from the idiots of the day. Unfortunately not! The former Celtic hero occupies their head space so much someone has gone down to Fleetwood Town, pretended to pose for a picture with him then shouted ‘we are the people, no surrender’. It’s embarrassingly cringey.

Anthony Joseph called it out on twitter.

It’s really sad the lengths some people go to. Making an idiot of themselves but having no real concept of why.



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