I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Scott Sinclair has fallen by the wayside so much at Celtic and has been basically replaced by Lewis Morgan. Neil Lennon seemed to have made his mind up early about Sinclair and Morgan has clearly emerged as a player Lennon prefers.

With that being so obvious, it is a bit weird this morning to be reading that Celtic are knocking back a loan move for the midfielder. According to Record Sport, new Stoke boss Micheal O Neill is looking to take the player down south on loan.

Has nobody at Stoke been watching Celtic for the past few weeks? Has nobody been listening to Neil Lennon’s interviews on Lewis Morgan? Morgan was picked to play up front on his own last week against Rangers in a cup final. Why all of a sudden would Celtic be looking to offload him?

Naturally, Stoke has been told he’s not available for loan in January. Neil Lennon clearly feels he is the one that is going to develop the players potential that so many quite clearly see in Morgan over the next season or two.


  1. Not a fan of Morgan. He doesn’t show the creativity or quality of the rest of the first team. He also seems to go down pretty easy. IDK. We were all cringing at his performance at Hampden. I thought Elyounousi looked shocking as well. He seemed to fumble around the way Rogic does on a bad day.


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