Some Celtic fans gave the official Celtic twitter account a bit of stick this morning after they congratulated Feyenoord on their win against the club in the European Cup back in 1970.

Fifty years ago today, Celtic walked out at the San Siro hoping to make more history after their 1967 success in Lisbon.

It wasn’t to be and the club lost 2-1 on the day.

Celtic congratulating Feyenoord today has seen some of the less sporting supporters have a pop. Is the wound still to fresh? 😂

Our twitter admin did get in on the act warning Celtic against a similar gesture to Porto when the anniversary rolls around! Now that is too soon!

The Feyenoord team that beat Celtic on the day had a man in their midst who would enter Celtic folklore many years after the European triumph.

Win Jansen, the man who stopped the ten and brought Henrik Larsson to these shores was in the Feyenoord side that day.


  1. Oh grow up you fuds. This is the classy way to behave.

    But then again….I agree with not doing it for Mourinho’s cheats. And never ever do it for the hun. Neither are deserving of any praise whatsoever.

  2. A pathetic response. For someone who was there it was our own fault we lost. Complacency spread from management down to the fans. We deserved to lose, the Dutch were as much outsiders as we were three years previously in Lisbon and I would have been outraged if any clubs denied us the plaudits we earned that night. Congratulations Feynoord , hopefully you enjoyed your success as much as we did. Ignore the saddies. !!


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