Celtic lost a late equaliser to another poorly defended set piece and saw themselves fall further behind in the league.

The season is as good as over, if the Scottish Cup gets scrapped due to the lower leagues being out of commission, there’s not much else to play for. The club have let the fans down massively this season; there are big problems from top to bottom and change is needed.

The reason why we were 13 players down on Monday evening was an own goal by the club who decided to fly out to Dubai during a global pandemic. One positive case meant 13 would have to isolate.

The young players and a patched up side put in a good effort and almost pulled off a victory but it was heartache and Celtic’s season all over the back to concede that late goal.

Strachan has defended the club going to Dubai, even after what’s happened over the past 48 hours. The big question is, why was Christopher Jullien at a training camp when he couldn’t train.

Strachan addressed why the Frenchman had come along on the trip.

 “It was to maintain his treatment with the backroom staff, he went over there so we can get him back as fast as we can.” Strachan told CelticTV.

Make of that what you will…


  1. Strachan’s excuse is utter rubbish. Rest is what would be initially needed. Time for swelling and tissue to settle, BUT he has to go to Dubai. What a shower of incompetents.
    Noddy and Big Ears could have done better. Call yourselves professionals, get real. Lawell, Lennon, Boy Strachan, Kennedy, et all, OUT now.
    Desmond, you’ve let us all down with this FIASCO.


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