LATEST RUMOURS doing the rounds in Glasgow this evening suggest that Stuart Armstrong is edging close to the Celtic Park exit door as a host of English Premier League sides battle for the players signature.

Stuart, who was widely expected to sign up for the second phase of the Rodgers revolution is yet to do so, which prompted the Celtic manager calling the players agent out last week about coming to the table.

Celtic are said to be less confident than ever about getting a deal done which could spell the end of Armstrong’s Celtic career.

Armstrong could quadruple his current Celtic wage by moving on this summer and get more than double what the club is offering him now to keep him if he pushes for a move.

Celtic are not taking this lightly and will demand a high fee for the midfielder should any of these teams test the club’s resolve in August, regardless of only have a year to run on his deal.

Some Celtic fans may shrug this off, but Stuart Armstong has been a major player for Celtic since bursting back onto the scene under Rodgers and was pivotal in some memorable victories. It would be a blow to Brendan Rodgers plans if the player decides not to sign.

If the player goes, it looks like he’s not willing to bet on himself by staying for another year or two. Instead, his advisors reportedly want him to take the potential riches on offer down south while they’re going.

We can’t even entice him to stay to take care of GMS.

We play the waiting game now.


  1. The waiting is the hardest part. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, pay Armstrong a decent wage , we need to keep him

  2. lets get as much as we can for him, and move on, he’s had ONE great season that’s all, he’s not a legend, no where near, same as Joe Ledley, Gary Hooper, loads of money playing for very average sides, and many others who left for higher wages, they’ll never ever play for a club like CELTIC again, its their loss not ours, HH

  3. He’s a qualified lawyer.. so he’s sorted as far as his time after football is concerned.. let him go with our best wishes , we have cover.. HH

  4. ‘re Charlie D

    Armstrong is already on a decent wage or else he wouldn’t have signed for Celtic in the first place.

    The form he has shown last season has attracted attention from English Premier clubs, and the kind of wages that no Scottish club, even Celtic, can match.

    Can’t blame the player for looking after his future, but I think the signings of Benyu and Ncham will be adequate replacement, especially Benyu who had a terrific first half against Lyon at Parkhead on Saturday.

    • Miller had a very good 6 months, won us the game against Lyon with a great performance and scored another two euro goals in that year. Armstrong done it on the big stage yet? Also like to add that Man U signed Miller back when Man U were good. will Man U who are piss now even take a look at Armstrong. Very unlikely. Everyone has an opinion and Miller ended up being shit but Armstrong hasn’t proved himself yet either. Seen a lot of poor or average players have good spells. Peoeple need to remember how bad he was in a Celtic shirt before November 2016. Can you remember Larsson Sutton hartson lubo Stan Lennon naka van dijk wanyama or any of our big players being shit for two years with maybe a handful of good games? Nah they were constantly good with the odd bad game.

  5. If that’s how Armstrong and his advisors want to treat our manager and our club then so long, Stuart.

    Get him out (or at least dropped) for Linfield if he isn’t for signing on again.

  6. Same scenario Millar moved on after everything Celtic did for him,if Armstrong wants to go good riddance only want people who want to play for us if he wants to stay grow set of balls tell agent to tie up deal

  7. Sell him if he dose not won’t to sine the offer celtic made him he’s had 1 good sesason look at the rest that went down and done fuckall bur regret it sell him bring paddy bk way the cash better del hail hail ????????????

  8. Sad. Very sad. Takes a shine off what we have achieved under Brendan. I genuinely feel he owes Brendan so, so much. He is a great player who is becoming a hero. It’s so, so sore when one of ours decides to leave.

    • 7 months of playing well now makes you a hero. People need to get a grip with that shit. All that Kris commons shit last year was nonesense as well. Celtic are huge, Armstrong is a good player with potential but if his instant choice is t to be here then he is no use to us. I was devastated when Larsson left but for some reason I am sure i can handle this one

  9. What makes this team is first and foremost, our great management team, complete faith in Brendan Rodgers, secondly dedication the likes of which we get from our captain Scott Brown, a man who could walk into any EPL team but continues to serve, becoming a Celtic legend in the making then lastly gifted players such as Stuart Armstrong! I would much rather he stayed but if he isn’t in it for the long haul like all of us, then let him go, he’s walking away from legendary status (he will never get elsewhere) with the best fans in the world! Hail! Hail! Bhoys! HWGTIAR??????????

  10. If the pound it’s all he’s about then time to say goodbye. Enjoy England and being in a an overrated league for second rate players. A couple of years down there and you’ll be a few pounds up with no medals and a heart full of what ifs. Hail Hail

  11. The fact of a matter is. His potential team mates will dream of wearing the hoops. If he wants to throw it away then fine. We are keeping your hair but.

    This is a beautiful time to be a celt. Total domination of Scottish football with so much to look forward to.

    Take a wee look at your surroundings Stuart. You wont find them anywhere else.

  12. Stuart is leaving – the recruitment strategy has reflected that IMO. He had a single great season with us, and again Brendan is paying his own wages by getting the best out of players like him and James Forrest where Ronnie wasn’t quite able to. Despite the 12 months left on his contract I bet we will get close to 10M as the transfer window closes and things heat up down south, and all the best to him. Although – if he moves to a team with a lesser manager, or a system that doesn’t fit then I fear Stuart will struggle, as he did before Brendan. He does have a job sorted for after football I suppose, but it will never be as lucrative as football so he will be looking to make his mega money now.

  13. If Armstrong leaves the champions for money in England he’ll never win another medal…think about it Stuart it’s a no brainer your future is with Celtic

  14. The money men at parkhead said they would back manager with money let’s pay players what they are worth to the club I’ve supported for over 60 years through the lean times and good times the board has made millions over past few years give the lads more money please so they stay

    • He’s getting offered what he is worth. Do it consistently and you will be one of the highest earners at any club. He hasn’t done that. Let’s face it if ntcham settles in quickly and cements a place in the starting 11 (which he will) it’s Armstrongs place he’s getting. Celtic can’t justify making him one of the highest earners if he’s going to be 2nd choice.

  15. If he wants to go to Brighton, Southampton or another mid to lower table side in the EPL with absolutely no chance whatsoever of actually winning medals & trophies Then my opinion of the guy is he’s a mercenary who is only interested in the cash. He’ll be on a decent wage, huge in comparison to the folk who pay to see him week in week out, he has little or no footballing ambitions. Football is about winning, winning medals and trophies. BR has turned him into the player he is, albeit for one season, he’ll go down South and disappear, he’ll be an average joe. Good luck to him. If he doesn’t want to play for a massive team and compete in the Champions League then Bon voyage Stuart. You’ll realise what you had when it’s too late. Oh and if you are a lawyer, you don’t seem that switched on, I would look at changing your agents, they’re advising you to benefit themselves.

  16. To hell with him. Serious.
    You don’t want to play for Celtic, then go, quicker the better. No time for money grabbers. Good bloody Luck son.
    How many houses, BMW’s and 60 inch surround systems do you need Stuart? Grow a pair son, tell your agent to go to hell, or go sit on a bench somewhere in EPL land. You’ll have plenty time to count your pound notes!

  17. As paul haggarty said. Good luck .he might get more cash ,but he will never play for a bigger club than glasgow man is bigger than celtic.

  18. We have to accept the fact that money talks…
    Armstrong is a professional footballer…first and foremost…and would be mad to turn down a huge wage hike.
    We also have to accept that we are still a selling club….and so if he isn’t totally happy with us…let him go.
    From what I can see…we have excellent cover in mid-field…so if we make a £5 million profit from him…
    What’s not to like.
    Onwards and upwards Celtic.

  19. So much for backing BR,even Dermot Desmond said ‘we WILL be keeping our best players,as we have no need to sell’
    In saying that,feq him,let him go.
    We don’t need his views destabilising the squad.
    Bye Stu,mind take the blanket you’ll need for keeping warm when sitting on the bench.

  20. I wish him all the best, we can use the money to improve…..Come in wee Paddy?.
    I hope this makes us all treasure KT even more.Not many modern players live for the jersey any more .
    I still get a lump in my throat when I picture him grabbing the crest after the cup final.
    Lucky to have a heart like that in our midst!!!!!

  21. Looking like he will be going. Is certain we cant put him on the wages he can get down south. Also have to factor in the players we have signed . How many No. 10’s do we need ?


  22. No player is bigger than the club if he can’t decide where his future lies after Brendan stuck with him early on last season sell him now before he goes for nothing. After new season starts we will all be saying Stuart Who. Hail Hail

  23. Sell him if a good offer is made
    If we pay him too much then other players will want the same then we will end up like the mob from Ibrox
    Paying out money we don’t have
    As said before no player is bigger than the club Hail Hail

  24. He has had one good season and it has went to his big head….i don’t think this about money… rather his desire and ambition to play in the EPL….if he starts with an EPL team the same way he started with us… then he will not last

  25. An offer of 20k a week? Numerous trophies, champions league and adored by 60000 fans every second week.
    Knocked back.
    For the sake of no trophies and mid table obscurity at best.
    Money isn’t everything.

  26. There is nothing wrong in improving your status as well as income.
    So best bet is sell now when his price is at the high seen him limp around after euro game

  27. He is only going to a lesser club down south into a relegation battle and u will not here off him again .he is not worthy off playing at Celtic park money grabber good riddens .

  28. Calm down for gods sake , the player hasn’t said he wants to leave, massive over reaction here , condemning him far too soon

  29. He owes Brendan big time – he was well on his way to obscurity before the new manager came in & developed him over the last year. If he can’t see that then he’s a sad case. He could easily negotiate a mutually beneficial get-out clause so that we let him go for the right money when it suits both. Of course maybe, being a smart prospective lawyer, that’s what he’s doing at the moment!

  30. Just highlights what a great team??BR is building. Moving forward we have some great young players who so called bigger clubs !! are going to covet. Be nice to see any salefunding young Paddy- that would be a no brainier for me.

  31. Sell him he’s a professional footballer who came to celtic to better himself. Dont think he was a celtic fan to begin with so if he’s chasing money like most pros then let him go and we move on. Celtic is far bigger than any player who has played for us and any player who will ever play for us in the future.

  32. You can’t make Armstrong love what he doesn’t love
    Thanks for what you did last season Stuart
    You are a quiet gentleman and an example to players who listen and learn
    All the very best for your future wherever that will be
    Most Celtic supporters do not resent you for your decision to leave if that is what happens
    You were essential in helping us achieve invincible status. You will have fond memories of being a celt. Very glad you had the Celtic experience
    All the very best

  33. For gods sake , give it a rest , who says he is going anywhere , jump on the bandwagon like everyone else , line up to condemn the boy, he is still a Celtic player and until it’s clear he says he wants to leave , get off his back , and give him the support he deserves like the rest of his teammates and stop being so presumptuous

    • All very well CD, but other contracts have been negotiated in much shorter time time, so what’s the hold-up? If he really does want to stay surely he just needs to tell his agent that & to get the finger out. We don’t know yet whether he’ll go or stay but the delay is bound to make fans wonder (& speculate) as to what he’s up to and I believe he should show some loyalty to the manager who brought him back from the brink of obscurity. If I remember correctly didn’t Stan sign a mutually beneficial new contract not long before he was let go?

  34. Black sox , you are correct with petrochemical a few years ago , but that was done to protect Celtic s interest, was never really any intention of him staying the duration of that contract, it was only to ensure it gained the club a healthy transfer fee a few months later when he did move, at this stage we don’t know yet Armstrong will do , but as you say fans wonder and speculate and that turns unnecessarily viral and nasty without any justification, so until he either agrees a new deal or plays the waiting game and decides to consider other offers we should give him the benefit of the doubt and support him, personally I really do hope we can agree a deal with him and he commits to us for a few more years , he has enormous potential to become a top player for us

  35. Dont disagree with anything you’ve said CD. Stan’s renewed contract was the point I was trying to make – if Armstrong wants to move for bigger pay then the least he should do is sign a similar deal whereby he goes when we get the money we want for him … not have him walk for nothing at the end of this season. Like you, I want him to stay as he could become a top player for us but can’t say that the delay augurs well for that scenario.

  36. Black sox , I think the way these things go now is pretty much double edged , in that a valued player signs a new deal on improved terms , particularly a young player, like Armstrong, Rogic , Tierney , etc, means one of two things, the club has their services for few more seasons and also protects themselves should an offer come in from a really big club in England like Stoke city, Crystal Palace, West Bromwich Albion etc (Joking by the big club reference of course) but these are the types of clubs most likely to put a bid in for any of our rising stars and quadruple the wages we can pay them , but at least we can hold out for a top price for them. Van Dyke , Wanyama, are perfect examples of this as we well know , and although I don’t agree with this way of dealing with players and their agents it seems the only way we can deal with this situation, so yes you are correct in what you say , I hope his contract doesn’t run down like Ledley did and we loose him for washers .


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