CELTIC dropped more points and compounded their poor start to the season. 

The Hoops took the lead against Dundee Utd before they quickly responded and got their equaliser.

Despite hitting the bar on three separate occasions, the team could not grab the winner and paid the price.

Sportscene screens the highlights of all the weekend games and the show was very keen to go over a penalty flash point where Cameron Carter-Vickers could have given away a penalty.

What they didn’t show was the dangerous tackle on James McCarthy by Jeando Fuchs. The Dundee Utd player went crashing into the new Celtic signing who was clearly in discomfort after the tackle. This particular incident was not flagged by Sportscene and journalist Phil Gordon admitted to his Twitter followers he was ‘stunned’.

It was a frustrating afternoon for Celtic and the trail their Glasgow rivals by six points already this season. The rebuild was always going to take time but the fans are disappointed at so many points dropped early on this season.


  1. We are a new squad and the manager must get time we still could do with a bringing few Free players,and 2 in jan we may not win anything this season it takes time for a team to grow we are a few months old..

  2. We are going to need a full season to recover from the shambles left by Lennonand Lawell….Ask the Hibs or anyone of Lennon’s Ex Players and they will tell the same story of an incompetent,angry wee man who has not a clue how to use people skills or coach players. The damage done is there for all to see.

  3. Sportscene have done this for a few seasons now. They make the agenda suit them. One instance the offside goal last week at the bronx all hushed up.

  4. The BBC, (bigoted bastards corporation,) once again , apart from the ones they did not highlight at Paradise, completely ignored the sevco goalie, should have had a red card, and did not even mention it!! And of course, Madman, once again showed his free mason / orange order bias.!! How do these middens get away with it?. And Kevin Clancy, looks like he has also joined the free mason/ orange order ranks, with some of his decisions! Yes United should have had a penalty, but low and behold the same free mason/ orange order member reporting, just forgot about the TWO PENALTIES CELTIC SHOULD HAVE HAD! Ah well there are no trophies handed out at this time of the year.! And Celtic WILL win the league!! HAIL HAIL.

  5. Totally agree with the Kennedy and Strachan comments, someone is coaching the defence to play that way and how Starfelt starts before Welch bemuses me.
    Has anyone any definitive proof Liewell has actually left the building.


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