CELTIC PARK has transformed over the years and has become a real must see destination even for non-football fans when they come to Glasgow. With image like the one below it’s easy to see why.

The stadium lit up in all it’s glory with Glasgow twinkling in the background is a truly breathtaking sight for any Celtic Fan.

Gavin McCormick captured the image using a drone and I think you’ll agree he’s done a tremendous job!

Celtic Park is one of the most famous stadiums in European football.

The noise the fans create on special nights in Pradise make it very special. The club announced today the club had been recognised by UEFA in a top 10 list of most attended stadiums in Europe; breaking the one million fan mark this season already.

The image above may become iconic as it ages. With technology, the ability to get images like this is outstanding.


  1. It costs, what? – about £500 for a season ticket? To get a photo like that from a professional photographer would likely cost about 10x as much! Celtic should seek permission to use that image from the copyright owner, and in return, give him a seat for life! Imagine the revenue this would generate if it was sold as a framed print merely in the Celtic Store. No doubt, if it was also sold to overseas buyers, they’d make even more. I’d be happy to see that framed picture adorn my wall!!


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