NEIL McCann was on BBC Sportsound earlier this week when he was asked about the bust-up with Tommy Wright after a Dundee vs St Johnstone game during McCann’s ill-fated time as Dees Boss.

Even with the balance of hindsight and supposedly being an adult, McCann still took the position he was right to get into an altercation with a St Johnstone player and Wright on the touchline.

It all boiled down to one thing for the former Ibrox man; He doesn’t think ANYONE should put their hands on another player/manager on a football pitch.

Is that right, Neil?

This would be McCann, on a football field, putting his hands on an opponent.

Stunning hypocrisy is nothing new for the Sky Sports pundit who has been slithering back into the studio after not being good enough for management.

He even had the brass neck to criticise the Dundee team Jim McIntrye put out for Dundee against The Rangers beforehand, only for the side to get a point off the Ibrox side.

Comforting to know, he’ll probably bet part of the Sky Exclusive set up going forward.


  1. My great niece would smack that liars face and he’d bottle it. He’s a nothing and sky give him a job total joke .sky need to take a look at there self. Honesty remember that sky

  2. He’s a wee scum bag,but he’s in good company with Haley McQueen Kris Boyd and Kris commons they are all arseholes


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