CELTIC PARK has been photographed by so many people and fans over the years you would think by now that we’ve seen it all.

BUT an Ametuer photographer from Glasgow has gone above and beyond to get an absolutely outstanding image of The Celtic Way like you’ve never seen before!

Brian Hargadon made a truly unique ‘star trail’ image of the Celtic Park in the Glasgow night Sky.

Speaking about it on Twitter Brian wrote:

Last night I decided to try a star trail at Celtic Park. I knew it was going to be a nightmare, it was! Light pollution from the city & LED lights on The Celtic Way meant long exposures white out stars. Uo the f-stop and you can’t see them

So I tried facing away from the stadium and it worked a bit better, but it’s crazy how little stars you see in a city. Not the best results but here’s what I got. Monochrome version is maybe better?

The end result is stunning.

You can check out all Brian’s work on his Twitter account (@hargi_)



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