It came as a massive surprise over the past 24 hours when news broke about the interest in Lewis Morgan from Inter Miami.

The new club, brought to existence by David Beckham and a consortium want the player to sign on in Miami in a move which has certainly caught us all off guard.

Celtic paid around £250k for the player two seasons ago but he’s failed to make the breakthrough at the Hoops to this point.

With details emerging all the time, estimated fees have been bandied about but nobody seems certain what exactly has been offered. However, STV report that it’s considerably more than what Celtic paid for the winger.

The news channel writes:

STV understands the offer Celtic have accepted is considerably more than the £250,000 they paid the Saints in January 2018.

The Celtic board must feel like they’ve won a watch here!

Receiving a sizeable bid for a squad player who has been struggling is going to be a good bit of business.

Lewis will likely be trying to wrap his head around the interest and deal on offer. There were rumours he could go on loan back to Paisley or head to Hibernian this January – and all of a sudden a life-changing opportunity presents itself like this. We’re curious to know what the lad is thinking.


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