FRIENDLIES are usually a drab affair, where the two teams are searching for fitness rather than performance.

However, yesterday saw Celtic take on Sunderland with both clubs looking to get momentum going ahead of their competitive games next week, and one team certainly got that.

Celtic fans are subjected to ‘my nan patter’ from folk down south constantly and with every goal that was put by a Sunderland team the 9,000+ strong Celtic family were loving it.

This was by no means a full Celtic team and some major players were missing on the day. Showing not only could Celtic compete down south on a fraction of the budget, they can stick five past a hapless Championship outfit without breaking a sweat.

If the goal from yesterday was to get momentum, then Celtic achieved that. They also managed to help galvanise the support who had been divided for over a week. This morning, we all seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet again, and that’s vital for Wednesday night as Celtic look to go get a result in Norway.


  1. It was a decent result obviously with scoring 5 , but I wouldn’t get too carried away , Sunderland are rank rotten , we need to perform in the games that matter , i.e. Wednesday night in Norway

  2. They might be rank BUT they were a premier league team 3 months ago so just shows we wouldn’t be bottom especially as we had a se one fiddle team in some respects and NO striker lol

  3. Would just like to thank the Sunderland fans I met and drank with and also the Celtic fans who made it a great occasion I went down with my 14 year old son he loved it all the Celtic fans singing and dancing for 90 minutes just shows if we could all stand at Celtic park we could get an atmosphere back again . Msm just reporting all the negative stuff I never saw one bit of trouble and me and my son were walking about the city the stadium and pubs amongst Sunderland fans the only bother seems to have come from the EDL and the media all over it blaming Sunderland and Celtic fans . Well done to both sets of fans and all good anti racist people

    • I would endorse that Jim, so much focussed on one guy looking for publicity and all the positive stuff kept out of the headlines. We drank in the same bars and there was no trouble, we went to see Bradley’s memorial , so to did many other supporters, the atmosphere was brilliant, the colour the noise and yeah it was only a friendly but you ask the Sunderland supporters and they thought we were no pub team from north of the border. I think we earned respect yesterday .


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