When we hear about transfer speculation and report on it we usually delve in to the pros and cons, whether the player could potentially leave in the summer as the vultures start to circle.

With Kieran Tierney continuing to impress for Celtic it’s no wonder he is being sought after down south. Clubs like Arsenal have been watching him and while Arsenal are a decent sized club down in the the tin pot league that is the EPL – I have no immediate worries about where Kieran wants to play his football.

That’s why when I heard Davie Moyes and Sunderland want to prize him away from Brendan Rodgers and the Celtic fans I couldn’t help but laugh.

No, deep meaningful discussion on the merits of the rumour, Sunderland could turn up at the Tierney’s door tomorrow and he’d probably just turn up the Rebs to drown them out.


  1. Sunderland are living in cuckoo land if they think they could sign the likes of Kieran Tierney.
    They are and always will be seen as a relegation EPL or Championship team Kieron Tiierney is a top playe 6 EPL Player.

  2. As well all know the saying Nobody Bigger than the club::Now if Kieron Tierney was to move the prices​ should still be 50mil or more no matter where he ends up that price will put also ranns at bay ,after all wee Celtic are a lot bigger than the clubs in EPL hh ktf

  3. Definition of a yoyo club.scraping by in the epl these last few seasons but under Moyes (we dodged a bullet there) they are for the drop.Kieran would tell them to bolt


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