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Alistair Johnston has branded Celtic fans one of the most passionate fan bases in the world amid heavy speculation he’s getting ready to sign for the Hoops.

Johnstone is currently on assignment with Canada at the World Cup and was part of the Canadian side who were very unlucky not to get a result against Belgium.

The player looks like a prime Ange ball type of signing. He has the energy, footballing brain and can play a number of positions.

When asked about his potential move to Celtic, he didn’t refute the interest but rightfully claimed he has a job to do at the World Cup. Not before he had lavished praise on the Celtic fans and let us all know his phone has melted after the news surfaced:

“Look, to be linked with club like Celtic is obviously something that I think every footballer is excited by. I think it’s one of the most passionate fan bases in the world. It’s a club that even people who don’t follow football know who it is.” Johnston told Peter Galindo.

“So yeah, just getting linked with them – my phone’s been blowing up, literally broke my phone, actually. It’s probably time to upgrade from the iPhone 10. People have told me that for the past couple of years now.

“That nearly pulled my phone out of commission halfway through World Cup. So, look, I’m super excited to get linked to them. But right now, the focus is just solely on the national team.

“We’ve done a really good job of kind of blocking out the noise. Obviously, we’ve created some of our own noise about what we said to Croatia, apparently, but we’re pretty focused on the task at hand and personal things, club things, that will get kind of get figured out once January hits. We’ve still got a lot more business to take care of here.”

Ange is looking to make improvements to his squad and spoke earlier in November about having at least two deals over the line. We now have one confirmed. Yuki Kobayashi will become a Celtic player next month and could Alistair be joining the Japanese defender after the World Cup?

If the deal does go through, we’d imagine it’s because Celtic are looking to capitalise on the interest in their Croatian defender Josip Juranovic who’s also at the World Cup.


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