Celtic fans are lapping up the fact that the man who jumped ship is the main star of banter Sunday. But it seems it is not exclusive to Celtic fans as the Watford PA hilariously puts the boot in. Just Listen.

The cheeky DJ must have done his homework as he lined up the Celtic fan goal celebration tune. It’s not the best of starts to his return to England, as we reported earlier, Celtic fans are all over it. “It’s a funny old game”, Rodgers has fans who had the height of respect for him out with the knives. If he had of waited for three months and left on good terms Celtic fans would have been right behind him. There seems to be no end to the saga in sight, the main thing is Celtic keep winning under Neil Lennon.

Considering that Leicester City fired a manager that won them an English Premier League, it won’t be long before the pressure comes if the results don’t.


  1. I laughed my socks off. As a Watford supporter at the game it just reinforces my view of the lazy journalism surrounding our club. We play that tune after every victory and have done for about 5 years. It wasn’t to disrespect Rogers, we couldn’t care less about him. Please write something original (oh and factual) please.


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