There’s going to be so much upheaval in the summer with the well talked about high profile exits almost certain to happen.

However, there’s players underneath the first team stars who could look elsewhere and surprisingly Conor Hazard now appears to be one of them.

The goalkeeper only recently signed a new two-year deal with the club after a burst of first team appearances before fading into the background.

Speaking to SunSport, Conor was clear if he’s not going to be considered for the first team spot going forward, the summer might just be his jumping off point.

“I think my main focus is I have to get game-time.

“That has to be one of the non-negotiables now if I’m going to take the next step in my career.

“With Celtic now the main aim is to get number one and I’ll do everything I can to nail that down. If that doesn’t work then I’ll look at the options in the summer.

“It has been a rollercoaster of a season for me. I wasn’t involved at the start of the season so I wasn’t able to go anywhere and everything was up in the air.

“I got an opportunity in the Europa League and I have to hold my hands up and thank goalkeeping coach Steve Woods and Neil Lennon as well for giving me that opportunity and then trusting me in the cup final.

“I was over the moon and it was a big, big game and a huge opportunity for me.

“Then I was out of the team due to other factors and have now signed a new deal. So hopefully that’s a good step moving forward.”

“I think football is an uncertain sport and things can change very, very quickly.”

Conor has been decent but he’s not been a standout among three goalkeepers, even when Bain and Barkas seem very average.

If I’m honest, I don’t see Conor attaining the first team spot at Celtic. I can see a new manager using the Northern Irishman as a back up, considering Celtic do have him down on a new deal.

It’s up to Conor to prove me and all his doubters wrong.


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