Since Celtic dropped two points against St Johnstone at the weekend there has been a massive groundswell of pundits, players and managers coming out and willing Celtic into the next round of the Europa League.

At first glance, it would seem a nice gesture on their part, wanting to see a team from Scotland do something in Europe, unfortunately, their motives aren’t so pure.

There seems to be an overwhelming consensus if Celtic are focused on Europe they will continue to drop points in the coming weeks and months. I read one headline today suggest we were on the ‘cusp’ of a title race – really?

Celtic have been continually told this season that they’re a victim of their own success after enjoying a historic treble in spectacular fashion last term but I think some are a victim of Celtic’s success in that they believe there’s a title race to be had when there’s a clear nine point gap.

The St Johnstone game was disappointing but let’s not forget, after a successful Europa League tie the team managed to extend their lead at the top this weekend – not damage it.

The faltering and inconsistent pack mean that Celtic can afford these sort of afternoons – it should tell you everything that Rodgers’ men have dropped ten points at home this season and still sit with a nine point advantage – if that’s a title race, or close to one then we all need a lie down.

I’m not trying to talk down the game here but to suggest we are on the ‘cusp’ of a title race is the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig. I’d personally welcome a title challenge, Celtic might not be at their best but Europa League or not they’re heading for number seven slowly but surely.

Let’s see what next season brings.





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