CHRIS SUTTON used his weekly column to tear Joey Barton and Tony Cascarino to shreds about their opinions on Scottish football.

Funnily enough, the two former players making the jibes didn’t cut it in Scottish Football and ran back to England with their tales between their legs. Chris Sutton was in no mood to indulge their nonsense as he picked apart their arguments.

The former Celtic Striker wrote:

‘Barton undermines the achievement (63 games unbeaten). Said he knew of Sunday League teams that have managed it.

Well the truth is Joey was arguably Rangers’ worst signing and was part of the 63-game record in probably the most memorable game where he was humiliated at Celtic Park by
Scott Brown.’

‘He could have stopped the run but instead chooses to belittle the game north of the border and talk it down.’

The player turned pundit didn’t stop there and set his sights on former Celtic Tony Cascarino.

‘He’s clearly been oblivious since his awful spell at the club in the early 1990s and his statements lack credibility. What did he win at Celtic? Unfortunately, that cherished success at the Tennent’s Sixes cannot be counted on long-term records.’


It’s fair to say Chris was not amused by either’s commentary on Scottish football.


  1. Joey Cryuff Pele Maradona Barton Still opens that Dial of his and Literally Shits out his Face….The Guys labelled a Thug in England but up here he Wasnt even a Footballer.When he faced Broony he couldnt lok him in the eye.Barton Ya Banger,And Cascarino,Seriously this Guy doesnt know if he is Irish Scottish or An Englishman.Walloper of a Player.Did absolutely SFA when he played in Our HooPs….Replying to Idiots like Barton n Cascarino and Savage etc.Makes them seem Relevant….Shower of Dross


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