CHRIS SUTTON has had his say on the John Beaton story away from the football side of things and brought up images which seemingly show the referee in a prominent Gers pub hours after the game.

There has been no confirmation to say either way if it was the whistler who was in the pub and at what time but Sutton believes if Beaton has done it then it’s the height of stupidity.

Beaton made some ridiculous calls in Celtic’s game at Ibrox, refusing to send off Ibrox striker Morelos for lashing out at Celtic players on three separate occasions.

Brendan Rodgers branded his performance poor, and Celtic made a statement to ask why Morelos wasn’t even retrospectively punished for his thuggish antics.

Since then the referee’s association have threatened to strike over heavy criticism with no real willingness to sit down and figure out why the officials have been beyond poor this season for most clubs in the league.

“I don’t know whether that is a valid photo, if you are telling me that he was photographed on the day in the pub then that is just sheer stupidity on his behalf. If that is true. I mean it is difficult.” Sutton told the Evening Times.

“The truth of it is that if you are born in Glasgow then you are one side or the other. There are issues there. If he was photographed in the Rangers pub then you can understand Celtic fans feeling the way some of them do.

“I don’t think we can all sit here – and this is the first time I have heard it validated – and think that it is a sensible thing to do if you are refereeing in an Old Firm game to then go into a Celtic pub or a Rangers pub because it shows an allegiance.

“That is just sheer stupidity but I will say that the stuff and the threats which have happened are ridiculous but he hasn’t helped himself there.”


  1. Been happening long before Sutty came. Will continue long after he is over 65 and beyond. Makes all the Scottish trophys that the Lion’s won even more amazing. HH.


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