CHRIS SUTTON has rattled a few cages tonight during his appearance on Scottish Football Extra on BT Sports.

The show which is usually in studio comes from the pundits homes as they face time into the conversation.

The big talking point was obviously the seemingly failed proposal from the SPFL today. The SPFL were one Championship vote away from voting everything through. As it stands, one club in the championship holds all the power after not casting their vote by the 5pm deadline which was advisory and not enforceable we’ve come to learn.

Speaking about the bigger picture, Chris Sutton is worried these sides who voted for the resolution could now end up going bust because of the scenario unfolding.

He called the Ibrox stance on things embarrassing and accused Michael Stewart of looking through his maroon tinted glasses when it comes to his opinion.

“I do think that if these measures don’t get the adequate backing it’s inevitable, it’s an absolute shoo-in, that certain Scottish clubs will go bust.” sUTTON TOLD BT AS CITED BY RECORDSPORT.

“I think then it’s on the heads of the clubs who voted against these proposals.

“That will be their burden and they will be the clubs to blame.”

When Stewart backed Hearts stance, Sutton replied:

“Mikey may as well have been wearing his Hearts shirt with that.”

“Come on, Mikey! If Hamilton were bottom we know you wouldn’t be banging the drum for this.

“The situation with Hearts, with Partick Thistle – if it was Hamilton, if it was Alloa, everyone would be saying: ‘yeah, it’s OK. Smaller clubs, we don’t care about you. You can go’.

“With regards to the Hearts statement, I get that Ann Budge is defending her club and doing what she thinks is right.

“But Hearts have been the worst club in the division and the truth is it’s not ideal, but they deserve to go down – we’re a long way through the season.

“And then we move on to the Rangers statement. Come on, it’s embarrassing really.

“So Rangers want the prize money, they want it here, they want it now. But they don’t want the season to be called?

“That’s crazy stuff, isn’t it?”

It looks like it’s back to the drawing board for the SPFL.


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