CHRIS SUTTON is always up for a good laugh and he saw the funny side of a picture doing the rounds today after Celtic’s Glasgow rivals fell from the top of the league after just three days.

The celebrations undertook by their manager and many of their players after their result at Tynecastle when they went top of the league because Celtic had a game in hand was quite incredible.

So incredible in fact you would have thought Celtic won the Cup and their Ibrox rivals won the league on Sunday past.

However, they have fallen from their position after just three days, losing at home to the ten men of Aberdeen.

While Sutton was keen to stress he has been impressed by Steven Gerrard’s season so far the picture below did make him chuckle.

This should be out just in time for Christmas!


  1. Now that is funny but did any one notice all the empty sets when the fans left they where out before the end of the game. So. On the 29 Dec let’s get stuck in and end the game in the first half then look and see there ground start to empty and let’s do this


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