CHRIS SUTTON has come out fighting after receiving a death threat after voicing his opinion on the latest Glasgow Derby.

The pundit was very vocal about Alfredo Morelos’ antics during the game and insisted he should have been sent off three times at Ibrox. The BT man also was very critical of John Beaton’s part in proceedings.

This prompted angry reactions from a few unhinged people, and as a result, Sutton was brought in to a police station to discuss a threat on his life.

It’s a ridiculous thing to put up with just for expressing an opinion on a football game and lucky for us, Sutton is not shirking from giving his opinion in the wake of the threat.

Addressing the issue while talking about SFA officials Sutton told RecordSport.

“Listen, I know some idiots have taken things way too far, with the police involved in a few issues. I’ve had it myself, so I know what it’s like, and it’s not nice.

“I can’t say too much about it because it’s being dealt with, but a few people missing brain cells are not going to stop me voicing my opinion.”

The former Celtic striker will be back on call giving his opinion on the Scottish game when football returns in under two weeks.



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