CHRIS SUTTON didn’t take kindly to Paul Lambert’s comments about Ange Postecoglou after watching the team slump to a 4-0 home defeat to Bayer Leverkusen.

Lambert insisted Ange needs to win titles and now for him to stay in a job. While we all want to see the League title back at Celtic Park, the more pragmatic in the support know the utter incompetence at board level has led to a frustrating start to the season.

Ange is only at the very beginning of a rebuild and he needs to be afforded the time to get things the way he wants.

Sutton didn’t mince his words and turned his Twitter feed blue with his retort to Lambert.

There are Celtic fans who will have already given up on Ange and scream for change. These are the same fans who write off a new signing after a stray pass.

The turnover in the summer was huge, our Chief Exec walked away and our squad was already thin before injuries. A lot of this has been self-harm from the Celtic board and it’s going to take a lot more than three months to fix things.


    • Rosalie,i agree big Chris could bring something to the table for us….but it’s a sad fact that managers aren’t afforded the necessary time. Lambert didn’t criticise Ange at all…in fact,he defended him. He did attack the players,and rightly so in my opinion…particularly the midfielders.
      Chris is reacting as if Lambert said Ange SHOULD be sacked.
      Both were honest and mature enough to give and take criticism as players,behind the scenes and on the pitch if need be,and still get it done,giving everything for the greater good.

      • Lambert said the club are in danger of accepting failure and mediocrity…even if the board are guilty of that,no player worth his salt should be, nor allow his teammates to slip into that mindset. If the players can’t that aspect of the game, then the manager, whoever he might be, is on a hiding to nothing to begin with. “The Jersey doesn’t shrink etc..” refers to character more than it does to ability. To me that’s where we’ve gone wrong since Strachan took over as manager…signing lots of ability, some with less, but most without the character and mental toughness, even plain stubbornness to fight and fight again.
        These players need to be told that nothing less will cut it.

  1. Celtic signed Starfelt, Vickers, McCarthy, Giakoumakis, Kyogo, Abada, Shaw, Scales, Juranovic, Hart, Jota and Urhoghide.

    Spending the guts of 20 million.

    Of the above listed.

    Abada and Kyogo were the only two the manager signed.

  2. Come on Chris don’t flog a dead horse ,”your better than that ” the managers not got a scooby , like his defensive coach + Strachan- don’t get me started on the board – oh how I Wish for the 90s + sack the board real celtic people seeing the big picture – too many season ticket holders + they only turn up now + again hence the thousands empty seats every home game- boycott get Desmond + his old cronies out -!!SACK THE BOARD

    • We don’t have a defensive coach ffs,it’s not American football we’re playing is it?
      If Kennedy is the defensive coach then where are our midfield coach and attacking coach?
      Sick fed up reading and listening to this shite!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “There are Celtic fans who will have already given up on Ange and scream for change. These are the same fans who write off a new signing after a stray pass”.

    Don’t talk utter talk pish and don’t be so condescending. I agree he has been thrown into a shit show but it’s also very clear we have a manager way out of his depth

  4. Back to the team we need 3 across the back at all times when RB and LB push forward we need a big CH to fill the giant whole in the middle when we push forward our RH and LH are so far apart from each other and can not cover that ground that is the big problem we need a big CH in now we miss Jullien to sit in middle and close that whole with 3 along the back line.we have the players and with a few more free signings and 2 more in jan we will be a force but first things first plug that whole…


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