For two consecutive games, Chris Sutton has commented on Moussa Dembele calling the striker “too predictable”.

As an ex-striker Chris Sutton may have some useful advice for Dembele. The former Celtic man feels Moussa always looks to go on his right foot, there were two or three examples of this last night which seemed to irk the Englishman.

Dembele must have got some telepathic communication from the commentary box as the next chance he had he tried to move onto his left. While the shot was well wide of the mark it did prove that Sutton had a point as Dembele made that yard to get his shot away.

If you look at Moussa’s best goals from play the majority of them is of him bending the ball into the right-hand side of the goal. Maybe he needs to start swinging that left peg in training a bit more.


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