CHRIS SUTTON branded Celtic’s performance at Rugby Park as flat after the bhoys failed to come away with all three points.

Celtic scored with a great free-kick through Ryan Christie but it would be Christopher Jullien who would offer Kilmarnock a way back into the tie, giving away a penalty kick needlessly.

After that, Kilmarnock played the defensive game of their lives as they blocked everything that came near their box, using their out ball to Kbamba to regroup and get further up the pitch.

Sutton joking the league is already over, but it’s no joke that Celtic dropping points this early puts pressure on the team going into their next few fixtures.

This wasn’t a performance we’re used to seeing from a Neil Lennon side which is usually bursting with energy. As Chris Sutton said, it was flat, the players looked pedestrian and even when Neil Lennon went 3-5-2 there was no change in fortune.


  1. Christy ,McGregor, Forrest did nothing in feeding eddy ,Taylor shite as usual, brown added nothing. If this is our Lennon’s best eleven, Leigh Griffith’s is going to have a big grin on his face when Lennon gets the boot just to add did you see Lennon ask the other numpty Kennedy who should we put on


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