CHRIS SUTTON has told Celtic and the board to get their act together and sort this mess out after over a week of tension lead to the clubs Champions League demise.

It seemed like nothing went right for Celtic. From injuries to suspensions lack of transfer success and even one player downing tools.

It was a recipe for disaster but a situation that could have been so different had the club went about things much better in January and this summer.

The former Celtic striker insists the blame game now must stop and everyone at Celtic should pull together and move forward.


  1. Knowing the Celtic board all the fans at each match day will be supplied with those whirly sticks you used to get to at the seaside to power the said Disco lights because they will be too miserable to pay for the electricity…
    I wonder if some of the money also went towards adding another bigger lock without a key on the biscuit tin as well…..

  2. I think is time to stop the blame game it only fills the other side mouths ,well is time to stand up shut up we know where the problem lies the money men ,I think The boss gives the board a list of names and positions we don’t go for the first name but the cheapest on the said list and even then we f##k about we never have a name of a player out on the list but we go in cheap and mess about with said player and cash amount making us look bad ,well now is the time for the suits to do the right thing and get out there and show us the supporters that we can build a team of great player and with Brenden and his guys we will be ready for next year’s champions league with our guys all set and settled when we win 8 in a row but please do it as ASAP AND get rid of that piece of crap of a defender he believes his own press take the cash put back in to the team and get 2 great defenders now so stay with the whole team from the manager down he knows what he’s doing and listen to the song we are CELTIC SUPPORTERS WIN LOSE OR DRAW SO STARTING BELIEVING AGAIN HAIL HAIL


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