CHRIS SUTTON has called for Peter Lawwell to start letting Neil Lennon prepare for his assault on ten in a row just days into his interim position with the club.

The former Celtic striker believes that Neil is tried and tested at this level and has enough about him to get Celtic to that elusive ten in a row.

To do that, Sutton believes Lenny needs to get the old band back together; meaning he wants to see Lennon go and get former Celtic head scout John Park back into the club to help spearhead recruitment.

Park was known for bringing in some top talent in Forster, Hooper, Van Dijk and Wanyama among others and of course he had his transfer failures like Amido Balde and Mo Bangura!

Sutton believes if Neil is the man for right now then he’s the man for the next two years and the club should look at getting some of that infrastructure in place before the end of the season.

Writing in his RecordSport column the big man said: ‘If Lennon is the man for now he is also the man for the future so let him get to business and allow him to get on the phone to talent spotter John Park. This is the guy who made the club fortunes by sourcing Virgil van Dijk, Victor Wanyama, Fraser Forster and Moussa Dembele. Of course there were a few stinkers but the hits more than made up for the misses.

‘Let Lennon put the tried and trusted group back together. This is not just an old team-mate touting his pal for the position. This is a manager who has the credentials to succeed.’

Celtic will need to recruit new recruiters before they start spending money to replace a lot of players leaving in the summer through loan or contracts ending.




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