At half-time, it has been the usual high intensity fully charged Glasgow derby. Some players are using that energy while others are getting swallowed up by it. Enter the 30 million pound “El Buffalo”.

Morelos has once again been completely owned by Scott Brown in a Glasgow derby. The Celtic captain set the bait and the striker who has never scored against Celtic ensured that record will continue after he recieved red…again.

Chris Sutton called it perfect as usual.

Celtic only hold a one-nil lead at half time despite utter domination all over the park. Morelos has now got five red cards in one season. He is bound to leave his manager raging as he lets him and his teammates down once again. That won’t bother Celtic, Brown will know that Alfredo is an easy target but he could not have anticipated such an easy wind-up.

The second half is just about to kick off and so far so good for Celtic and Neil Lennon.


  1. Feel Sorry for Morelos’s young sister. But no excuse for hitting Broozilla. Didn’t he know his card was marked before this game. Well so Broony trod on the trod. LOL.


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