CHRIS SUTTON will always tell you what he thinks but what if his thinking is predicated on a false narrative that the pundit is still clearly pushing this morning.

Last night, Brendan Rodgers made it very clear what has gone down with regards to Moussa Dembele. There was no cryptic tweets, childish liking of social media posts or memes quoting movies which the Englishman is happy to base his opinion.

Brendan Rodgers quote reads “It is vital to make clear that we have never promised any player that he can leave the Club at a particular time. It has never happened”

That is strong, clear language from the Celtic boss as he accepted his striker was on the way out.

Yet, in today’s Daily Record, Sutton is still pushing the narrative that Celtic promised to sell Moussa Dembele when the right offer came in.

That has been unquestionably refuted and the only person pushing that narrative was a petulant striker desperate to get his big money move.

Sutton comments on Celtic ‘needing’ to sell Dembele, in the end, to make sure the players like Edouard and Ntcham see the benefit of Celtic’s transfer policy – absolute nonsense.

Celtic kept their end of the bargain, come in, win trophies, soak up the adulation and we’ll give you the platform you crave. Of course, we all know Dembele wasn’t going to be at Celtic Park forever BUT it has to be made clear Celtic did not break any promises when they rejected Lyon’s first bid.

There was no doubt had Moussa not thrown the toys out the pram that he would have eventually got a move but the club wasn’t in the best position to let him go and wanted to keep him at least for another six months.

Edouard and Ntcham will know themselves if they continue to improve they will move on at some point and with the club’s blessing just like any youngsters coming in will know the same.

Sutton said Dembele held up his end of the bargain – in the end, he did anything but.



  1. Think Chris Sutton should just shut up, have never known Celtic to sign a player then promise to sell him on !!!!you buy players to do a job, help them develop,and if and when they move on ,making a good profit on the way,off course maybe he is trying to please the daily bog roll .

  2. After Thursday’s game when I read that the Lyon offer had been rejected I argued that it was just a ploy to force up Dembele’s price. Otherwise, why let him go for a medical for Lyon before Thursday? It will be interesting to see next year’s accounts when they come out. What bonus, if any, will this sale have generated for Lawwell and Rodgers?

  3. Whatever’s been said doesn’t disguise the fact that this window has been a total embarrassment foe the club…3 or 4 players should’ve been identified and ready to come in for CPL Qualifiers and we would’ve strolled them, not waiting till end of window. We pride ourselves on being a big club, but that window has shown anything but.

  4. Dembele’s tweets and the way he hung our manager out to dry are disgraceful. I can fully understand his wish to go and raise his profile, to get closer to being a part of the French world champions, but to throw his rattle out the pram the way he did to get his move is unacceptable. No way could he ever play for Celtic again after the way he rubbished Brendan Rogers. His tantrum makes Boyata’s “protest” seem minimal.
    He seems to forget that there are THREE parties involved in a transfer and all three have to be satisfied with the outcome.
    Childish tweets about “a REAL man stands by his word” are ironic , in my opinion, coming from a man who signed a long term, legally bound contract…only to attempt to break it after two years. Hmm!!!
    Fk you, Mussa. You are one ex-Celt whose progress I won’t be following.

    • Bang on John…the tweets and his apparent lack of effort at training was bang out of order and there was only gonna be one outcome… a hero now

      • Well said John , Good business for Celtics Coffers , No player is bigger than the Club and its support .Hopefully we will get 20 Million for Boyata in January , should make up for the Cluster F— in this latest transfer window by all the suits at Parkhead. Another lesson learned !!!

  5. Have always liked Sutton but he has a tendency to change his opinion like the weather and in my opinion has lost a sense of respect from many fans over many of his recent comments in the Daily Rangers. Wont be following anything he says from now on. As for the spoiled brats who have prematurely left or tried to leave or who are thinking of leaving Celtic for more money, you were never welcome here! This club was built to serve the poor, not rich business men and certainly not spoilt rich brats players who care more about their sports cars than the moral values of club and its history. This is not a club for guys who have never had a real job and have no intention of ever getting one. The entry requirements for any player or board director should consist of a trial period which includes spending time living in a council tenement in Glasgow, doing a job cleaning the toilets at Celtic park and serving behind the kiosks with the current below living wage the current basic Celtic staff get. Only after displaying a humble attitude in this should they be even considered for any position of importance. Anyone who leaves a contract early, especially last minute before an important game for the club should man up and publicly address the fans in the middle of the stadium with a microphone to explain why they wish to leave and why they feel the timing is right. And while other sms media huns report with great glee of Celtics recent self inflicted demise, what they seem to forget is even IF that bitter little Liverpool man does manage to beat Celtic at this low point or even worse, win the league, he will go straight back to England, along with every player of any use. The problem of greed ruining the game is universal. I guess it just hurts more as a Celtic fan, when our club was built to serve the poor. Currently and thankfully, the only true Celts to do this are the fans who run the Celtic foundation (with little or no support from the board and players millions). I hope Walfrid haunts the lot of them out the door!

  6. Chris Sutton changes his opinion like the weather. Wont be following or listening to anything the man says any more. You don’t criticise a manager who brings a double treble. The board and spoilt brat players who cant keep to a contract because of their fucking greed are the only problem. Sutton takes aim at Brendan and recruitment. Idiot

  7. We always knew celtic are a selling club just look at the recent transfers to other clubs i dont have to name them as soon as we have a player develope him its up to the highest bidder money is pennies in scottish football we rely on uefa qualifications and spend little profhit why look at the board


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