CHRIS SUTTON has warned anybody thinking Neil Lennon is going to roll over and take anything he’s given just to be the full time Celtic manager again to think again in his RecordSport column.

The narrative so far for many fans is Neil would be happy to take the job and Lawwell will be happy enough with that because he knows the Irishman won’t be as demanding as many other managers. However, Sutton turns this on its head and makes some valid points.

The former Celtic striker pointed out that if Rodgers was still here and the summer window was coming up he would be getting a decent bit of cash to spend as would a flashy ‘new faced’ appointment so why would Neil Lennon be treated any different.

Sutton knows how much Neil loves the club and the significance of the next two years but the BT man doesn’t want to see his former teammate stick his neck on the line if he’s not going to be backed to make it happen.

“If Rodgers was still here, he would get the big money needed to rebuild. So would a new manager if Desmond and Lawwell chose to look elsewhere, so why shouldn’t Neil?” Sutton proclaimed.

“If he doesn’t get it, why should he put his neck on the block and take on the responsibility of the 10?

“To me, this appointment is not just down to whether Celtic want Lennon. It’s whether they provide the tools to make Lennon want Celtic.”

The next appointment has to be right for the club. However, the board must do their job and exhaust their options before making the decision.


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