CHRIS SUTTON has hit back at Celtic fans being impatient waiting for transfers to come in after seeing a raft of singings elsewhere in the SPFL.

The former Celtic frontman said that Rodgers earned the right to have the fans patience but many are not showing it. Even though teams around Celtic are snapping up players the pundit points out that Celtic could have brought in players of that ilk, but what would be the point?

There are 10 days to go in this window and, if it is real quality the Celtic fans are hoping to land, there has to be an acceptance it may well go right to the last day.

Sure Rodgers could go and pick up cast-offs, unwanted players and those stuck on the fringes at clubs.

After all, that’s the market Murphy, Martin, Cummings, Goss and Naismith came from.

For all they will improve Rangers and Hearts, they were unwanted at their clubs and deemed surplus to requirements.

That’s not criticism, it’s fact.

Do you agree with Chris?


  1. Big Chris,Stating the Truthas Usual.If there is one thing you get from ChrisIts Factual Truths.Something thats lacking from other Football Pundits that use to play for a certain Deid Club.All we hear from 2012 Till now is Nothing More than Blatant Lying Hun Propaganda.Cheerleaders Puppets an utter embarrassment to Honest Football Punditry.Everyone knows there is No coming BackWhen a Club Liquidates,Thats It,Its Finished.The Coffin is put inthe Ground.And Covered with soil.But miraculously The Hunbelievables Survived Liquidation without comingout of Liquidation.Always Remind Them of that Truthful Fact.They Cheated for Years.

  2. As CS says, the rest of the clubs in Scotland have to go bargain basement and these players are surplus to requirement in mediocre clubs down south so that should tell you all you need to know. Rodgers knows exactly what hes doing and the standard of player we need at Celtic to keep us where we are and that is head and shoulders above anything up here and on a par with a lot of the top English sides…

  3. The best bit is they Blatantly cheated Every single team they faced for Years and Years.And nothing was done about it,It shows just how despicably corrupt the SFA and SPFL actually are and always have been.How not one single club apart from Celtic isnt up in arms regarding all this bs,Beggars Belief…Equal Playing Field lololololol


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