It was a tough night and watch for Celtic fans at Paradise tonight as a wave of optimism quickly turned to doubt. Celtic were not at the races. They done what they did at Ibrox, played around their own box and into the hands of the opposition.

Chris Sutton was on board with the BT commentary team for the game and he sank in a few home truths for fans after the game.

Not sure how streetwise Valencia was tonight, it was more a case of Celtic looking like newbies. If Celtic were to have any chance in this tie a positive home result meant everything. Sutton is been kind saying the task now is monumental, with Celtic’s away form it is more impossible. Celtic fans were left frustrated with Celtic playing the ball in their own half when they were chasing goals. They didn’t register any decent shots at goals over ninety minutes.

Izaguirre came in for a lot of stick tonight, this poor performance rests on the shoulders of a lot more Celtic players rather than just one. Scott Sinclair was probably the only player with pass marks tonight but he was taking off and replaced by Edouard. Celtic fans will head to Valencia next week hoping beyond hope of a miracle.


  1. Celtic had loads of posession in the first eight minutes. Couldn’t get any goals. Valencia scored before half-time and early in the second period. They did their sums and were gifted the baw far to easily. Valencias best player was not even needed. As time after time the Celtic midfield (Broony and Christ either gave then posession or passed it to them) And Izzy just passed them the baw and chased shadows all night.

    But as said by may a viewer, it was so Fuc&in easy for Valencia. Even a full strength Celtic would’ve been defeated. No sense going to their ground as their reserves can do the business against that team. GET YOUR WALLET OUT NOW FOR EUROPE NEXT YEAR YA MINGY CUN7S.

  2. Play with Kennedy s cowboys and its the same old shite you get from the defender’s, fuck all at passing ,fuck all good at playing a pass ,nothing learnt from corners scot brownn fucks them up with the Peter pointer send it up yet the cunt can’t find a player above him self

  3. Celtic need to get a grip, and learn to play with five up front and 2 at the back that do not move out of the 18 yard box only to place off side 3 in the middle need ball splitting ability at least 4 times each in a game if they cant archive it move them on for the five up front need to play 4 players square, at all times ,no more wing back while it only embarrassing fans and the player


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