As soon as we saw TalkSport were ‘ranking’ their opinion on the BEST stadiums in Europe we had a sneaky suspicion what would happen next.

You guessed it.

Celtic Park only made it to number 15 on the list while Ibrox Park managed to get into the top ten. We do enjoy some good trolling from time to time, but the best trolling is when people don’t know you’re doing it and believe us when we say, we KNOW what this is!

Yes, Talk Sport, who regularly champion the broken down machine in Govan rather than prop up the Scottish champions have chosen to ignore some of the biggest names in world football who wax lyrical about the atmosphere and stadium as a whole to go for a tawdry piece of nonsense.

Celtic fans don’t have to bang on about their stadium or manufacture a list where they put themselves near the top, the fans and players that visit Celtic Park do the talking for us.

Opposition fans brought to tears, players shocked and humbled by a side that had no right to beat them. It’s a magical place but erm…not as magical as Ibrox, Wembley or the Millenium Stadium!

Jealousy is a terrible thing.


  1. If Desmond and Co , built a new main front stand,then it would be a lovely Stadium,but to be honest when I see Ibrox I see it’s quite a good clean looking Stadium,ps also Celtic Park hasn’t had a lick of paint since it was redeveloped,1998 I think nearly 20 yrs which is quite shocking,but then Lawell needs to watch his Bonus.

  2. Any relation to Billy, Jimmy? No paint you say, but installation of a new hybrid pitch, new floodlights, plus new LED lighting and sound in a major revamp of the entertainment system.

    This is pure clickbait. We should be getting used to it.

    • After all that your still 15 th out off 30 .Phil and jocky bhoy are jokers. Oh just a thought jocky bhoy would be a good name for Torbett. SHAME on anyone connected with Celtic and their sponsors for not speaking out against child abuse.

      • Bilko another clown that gets off on child abuse ,I bet you a freak show who been down trodden for years,your club like you are scum people who play on secratarism child abuse past wars and supremism,like the klu klux klan there is no place on this planet for you retrobates

  3. Poor Bileco, believing in crap like this level 5 Traynor inspired nonsense, most likely you also believe in Santa, the tooth fairy and oh yes, the glib and shameless liar.

    • I do believe in Santa, and believe he’ll have us sitting proudly at the top of the Scottish league by the end of the year.(2018). I also believe in Dave King, but not in the tooth fairy.

      SHAME on you all for trying to deflect the truth and not believing about Celtic fc child abuse.

      • Well said Phil, methinks you ve put somebody’s gas at a peep. It is so sad that we’ve got to put this scum in their place. They only ever see history one way and if it does not suit their agenda then its all a fenian conspiracy. Tioch fiadh ar la, mo chara

      • Paddy the IRAS IS planning a trip to England and the day before he left he asked his next door neighbour( Mrs Dunn ) is there any thing she wants doing while he is in England. My son moved to England ten years ago and I’ve never heard from him since. I’ve wrote to him many times,but he never replies.
        If you find him ask him to write and let me know how he is.
        She wrote down his name and his address.
        It read

        Neely Dunn
        London, England

        Next day Paddy the IRAS arrives at Heathrow and while walking along the corridor he saw a sign saying WC and entered the room.

        As soon as he entered this room he new it was a washroom and went to the first toilet stall and knocked the door and asked,

        Are you Neely Dunn
        Yes was the reply, but I’ve run out of paper.

        Paddy the IRAS replied, SHAME on you, that’s no excuse not to write to your mother, and SHAME on Celtics sponsors for not speaking out against child abuse.

  4. I Wonder when the royals all being on P.i.p. benefits on all the Tims taxes or Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party would surface. Just let both those factions of Christainity slugg it out amongst themselves. And get back to dicussing Celtic footballing matters. And stop going off topic. Sure Celtic should police themselves better. But such is life. Ipox is still a crusty carbunkle on the spotty arsehole of racist football. There’s no winners in a game of looooooser’s.


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