TALKSPORT Pundits show once again why they are beyond parody.

The latest stunt from the drive home team has been to put a poll up asking if a manager who has just won an invincible treble should hand in his resignation.

The kind of knee-jerk, moronic churnalism we come to expect from that brand.

Celtic get no credit for their accomplishments but when we fall to a heavy defeat the Celtic manager is somehow to offer his resignation.

The glue must be good down in England.


  1. The radio show must be toiling for listeners,some one in the production team or maybe just the office go for,who knows?had a” light bulb” moment and suggests “i know lets troll the Celtic fans there is literally hundreds of thousands of them out there””the more outlandish,ludicrous and downright insulting we make the articles and polls the more call-ins we will get back.Fair play to whoever came up with the idea,effing genius.
    But to the effing genius and in fact all the clowns at Talk sport here is the answer to the question in your click bate poll “”BRENDAN ROGERS IS HERE FOR 10 IN A ROW”and maybe some Euro progres/glory?
    No typo just a poke in the belly of the other troop of clowns who reside in the circus that is Ibrokes,also not a typo.

  2. Durham is just an absolute clown his opinions are always the same he’s an utter ginger knob and his side kick guffy can keep shoving his nose so far up the gingers arse cause basically they hate our club they always have but who cares there opinions are totally irrelevant in fact there just a couple of fannies

  3. Remember when he called Carragher a ‘Bottler’ when he retired from international football an Carragher rang him up live on air “Come to our training ground and i’ll show you who’s a bottler”…Durham fuckin shat himself…

  4. It’s been crystal clear for a long time that Talk Sport and Sky TV have an allegiance to anything that’s anti Celtic. With their army of huns eg Jim White among their ranks constantly spouting blue propaganda I’ve stopped listening. Even Alan Brazil is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The virtual media blackout by BBC and Talk Sport leading up to Wednesdays game was blatant.

  5. Em pundits havnt a clue about football if they want 1 of the worlds greatest managers to resign??? Go and geta job stacking shelves in tescos r sumfin for yas havnt a clue bout football….perry nbelfast 1888


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